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Schoolie Tournament

Sweepstakes Prize #2 - Costa Sunglasses

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Win a FREE pair of Costa Sunglasses of your choice! (*Glasses shown are just an example)

It’s true now, and it was true then: We’ll do anything to stay on the water longer. In 1983, a group of anglers created Costa Sunglasses to stand up to the harsh light, unforgiving salt and rough conditions of a day at sea. The gear they made was up to the task, and it’s been on the water ever since, inspiring all of us to See What’s Out There®. The more time we spend out on the water, the more inspired we are to protect it and its inhabitants. From our Kick Plastic® initiative to our Indifly Foundation, we devote considerable time and resources to conservation efforts that raise awareness, protect fisheries and enrich water-based communities