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Schoolie Tournament

Sweepstakes Prize #7 - Kismet Outfitters Guided Trip with Capt. Abbie Schuster

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Fly fishing is something I have done my entire life which is why the word Kismet spoke to me when naming this business. Owning and running an outfitter is my destiny. My passion and where my knowledge lies is fly fishing. I have always been in the fly fishing industry. I was born and raised in New England and grew up fishing these waters, which provided me the opportunity to gain knowledge and passion for this sport. I learned to fish on Martha's Vineyard when I was young and also spent many years fishing the rivers and small creeks of Maine, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. I attended the University of Montana, which only fueled my fly fishing addiction, so it was a natural choice for me to become a fly fishing guide. In 2011 after completing Sweetwater Guide School, I started guiding in Montana and have not looked back. I have guided in Washington and Alaska and have fished waters abroad. To me, there is nothing better than giving the gift of fly fishing to a client. Every trip will be an opportunity to not only catch fish but expand and grow your knowledge. My goal is to have every client leave with lifelong memories, a stronger passion for fly fishing and conservation, and a greater understanding of this sport. I am a certified USCG Captain and Maine guide. Other certifications included CPR, first aid, and swift water rescue.