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Schoolie Tournament

Sweepstakes Prize #9 - Striped Bass original print by Garrison Doctor

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Giclée print on matte fine art paper with a custom Schoolie inscription (not shown on this image) and mounted on 3mm black styrene.

About the Artist: 

I was born in Boulder, Colorado where I spent as much time as I could outside. There is no fishing tradition in my immediate family, but for some reason I have always been captivated by fishing and catching fish. After I got my first fly rod at about age 10, my love affair with fly fishing was sealed. While my passion has always been fishing, my dedication and education have been in fine art. I have been drawing and painting since before I can remember, it is simply part of who I am.  In 2011 my wife Corinne and I started RepYourWater apparel. RepYourWater is the perfect mix of my passions, a place where I can combine art, design, fly fishing, hunting and conservation. Through the years I have come back to fine art more and more as time allows. The meditative, methodical and creative aspects make it an important part of my routine. When I am not traveling the world in search of fish, or floating on a western river, you will probably find me at our office/warehouse with the music turned up too loud or in my fine art studio making a mess with pastels. In the evenings I will be by our wood stove, wrapping thread on a hook and working on a new fly of some sort…

Instagram & Facebook: @garrisondoctor