Striped Bass Conservation

Conservation Partners Logos
The Cheeky Schoolie Tournament is about fun and about the fish. All of the proceeds from the tournament go to our selected conservation partners. We love these fish and do everything we can to bring light to their declining population. With the help of our conservation partners we are constantly adapting the rules for less impact on the fish and the best fish handling. 
For one this is an all Catch, photo and release tournament. We have also worked closely with Keep Fish Wet to adapt our rules. 
In 2021 we donated nearly $21,000 to striped bass conservation...

This was split between our 3 conservation partners

 Keep Fish Wet, American Saltwater Guides Association, and Stripers Forever

Head over to the Cheeky Blitz Blog for an update on Striper Conservation, Keep Fish Wet best practices, and more. 


...More information to Come, Look out for announcements about the Striped Bass Conservation Symposium