Official Rules


This is a one-day, catch-photo-release, fly-fishing-only tournament with teams of two anglers.

We will have a digital scorecard.  Scoring will still be your team’s top 4 striped bass just as it has been in past Tournaments.  The team with the most total inches wins.

Boundaries are all of Cape Cod (you cannot cross the canal), and you cannot use any boats, paddles, flippers, ladders, etc. of any kind.  Two feet on the ground and no swimming.  If you can’t get there by walking, it’s out of bounds.

The only technique allowed at any point during the tournament is fly fishing with a single fly.  You may not use any traditional or spin fishing equipment at any time during the event, or any techniques other than fly fishing, including chumming, teasing up of fish in any way, using bait, lures, etc.

The minimum fish size you can measure and enter in the Tournament is 20 inches.  This will ensure little fish are released safely and quickly.

This Tournament is about the fish and we need to protect them. Fish must be photographed at the water level alongside the official Tournament Measuring Device with Team Number showing.  Tournament Measuring Device inch marks and numbers must be legible in photograph on either side of the nose and tail to ensure the full length of any measured and submitted fish is visible in a single photograph. We cannot piece photos together. All measurements should be in inches to the nearest ¼ inch from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail (no tail squeezing). In the unlikely event that a fish is caught longer than the ruler, competitor must take two measurements and submit two photos. Any team may be required to show photos of their scored fish. 

ALL FISH MUST BE MEASURED AT WATER LEVEL IN ACCORDANCE WITH OUR 'KEEP FISH WET APPROVED' MEASURING TECHNIQUES, using the tournament measuring device.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Tie Break format (if necessary): longest fish; 2nd tie break: 2nd longest fish; 3rd tie break: 3rd longest fish; 4th tie break: 4th longest fish; 5th tie break: time of submission.

Cheeky has full and complete discretion on all rules, fish measurement, fish submission, disqualification, and final scoring. No exceptions and all decisions are final. Any breach of the rules may be investigated and may be pursued to the fullest extent under applicable law.

We will be reviewing rules Friday during the Costa Captains Party.